Hello slots lovers & casino game player!

Thank you for visiting our very first blog post. Our goal for is to launch by the end of October 2013 and to have at least a 1,000 slot players by the end of November. We believe that these targets are reachable as we have put a small budget aside to get new users for launch. Our site looks super bare bone right now as we pretty much got the structure done! Over the next few months we will be adding some much needed CSS and styling so look out for some big changes in the future. Not sure when this will be yet as we are trying our best to stay ‘lean’. Version 1

Our site is free to play!

Since we are a start-up with a very small team, we just want people to play our games and enjoy them! This site will never charge you money to play slots and will always remain free to all our players. We launched this site to test what we can with HTML5 art, animation, gaming, sound etc. and we wanted to share this project with the world.

We also know that people don’t like to play games without some kind of reward or achievement so we have set aside a $200 budget each month to give back to our players for playing our slots games. We know this is a small amount, but it is all we can afford right now. As we grow our user base, we hope to sell some ad space and then we hope to increase our slots sweepstakes jackpot to more! If we could, we would be giving away $1 million a month if we could!

Help us out!

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We hope you enjoy the games we have built and do not be afraid to let us know how we are doing!